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    Buying a CNC machine is a serious decision. And once you consider a SYIL machine, for example, a famous SYIL X5 or SYIL X7, you still may have questions. We suggest you join the SYIL user group on Facebook. This user group is a community of real SYIL machine owners. You get real and genuine opinions, tricks and tips. You can ask real users to give you their unbiased SYIL X5 review or SYIL X7 review.


    The user group is closed and moderated by a board that consists of one of our staff and a customer. Just click the button JOIN GROUP and give an honest answer to three simple questions. Once you joined, you are most welcome to interact and discuss. Within the user group, no one will promote or sell any CNC machine to any other user.

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    September 8, 2019 · SYIL America,Newsroom
    Our best-sellers are now always on stock in our brand new warehouse in Houston, Texas.    A variety of configuration options are available for immediate delivery from our warehouse. They all come standard with our 1‑year warranty.
    July 23, 2019 · Newsroom
    Got a new SYIL machine? To enjoy faster support and service, and more: check your machine's serial number and fill out the on-line registration form! There are plenty of reasons why we recommend you to do this upon receiving and installing your new machine: Service and Support Faster...
    April 9, 2019 · Newsroom
    CNC machine setup Now you have your new SYIL X5 Combo machine. It's delivered, and in your shop. What do you do now? Your preparation for your mill should actually start before you have even received it. Make sure you have the exact measurements of the SYIL X5 Combo, and cleared all the space...
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