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Tormach vs SYIL

Making The Right Choice For You  

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SYIL Editor

Making The Right Choice For You


CNC machine tools are powerful workhorses made to take the load in precision engineering and manufacturing setups. While you have a world of choices available to you, SYIL and Tormach are the leading options because each offers good value for money and varying degrees of software and automation to help you get the work done. 


The challenge, however, is selecting the CNC machine tool.


Cut to the chase? The SYIL X7 is a class above the Tormach in capability, accuracy, and reliability.

Still, you're probably trying to figure out whether it will be the right decision for you – and we wanted to help make that process a bit easier.


Scroll down, and you'll find as many details as we can squeeze onto a single page to help give you an overview of SYIL vs. Tormach. We'll also give you a straight-up comparison of features, customer experiences, pricing, and performance.


Let's get started with this quick overview:


  SYIL Tormach

SYIL 5 – Starting from $23,800
SYIL 7– Starting from $27,800

(excludes shipping costs from China)

Tormach 770mx – Starting from $16,995
Tormach 1100mx – Starting from $19,250

(US pricing)

Various CNC controller choices ✅ Yes, Offer SIEMENS, FANUC, LNC, and SYNTEC with Full Servo Package suitable for all kind industrial CNC machining environments. ❌ No, only PC base with an open-source software, not stable.
Absolute Servo package includes spindle motors ✅ Yes, Automatic back to Zero point and includes encoders. ❌ No, Servo still needs a home or position switch.
High accuracy  ✅ Yes, after laser compensation each axis repeatability is at 0.001mm positional accuracy is at 0.002mm. ❌ No Dovetail with adjustable gibs over 0.01-0.01mm.
SCHNEEBERGER® Swiss Epoxy Granite Frame ✅ Yes, compared with steel, grey cast iron or iron castings. Provides outstanding vibration damping, chemical resistance and thermal properties. ❌ No HT200/250 Iron casting.
Machine frame from ground ✅ Yes, SYIL X7 is a full casting machine body, 5 series is a benchtop. ❌ No, all machines are benchtop.
Guide way protection by THODACON from Germany ✅ Yes, steel covers are an important part of a machine tool for the protection of guideways.
Excellent mechanical characteristics:
Mineral Oil and coolants
High temperature
Heavy chip loads
❌ No, Rubber Protection
THK Ball Screw and Linear Guide Way from Japan ✅ Yes, THK Ball Screw low noise, small torque fluctuations and long-term maintenance-free operation by using a ball cage. LM Guide Linear Guide way that achieves a deep grooved raceway with its diameter more approximate to the ball diameter than the conventional type and has high rigidity, vibration and shock resistance, and damping characteristics, ❌ No
FAG/SCHAEFFLER Bearing from Germany ✅ Yes, the raceways have optimized roughness and geometrical accuracy in these bearings. This gives a higher load-carrying capacity and longer service life. ❌ No, unknown brand products.
Couplings from R+W®  Germany ✅ Yes, the main advantages of elastomer couplings include vibration damping, easy installation, zero-backlash transmission, and electrical isolation ❌ No, unknown brand products.
Coolant Through Spindle (CTS)
SYIL 7 supports high-pressure CTS
✅ Yes, with 30000rpm HSK E40 Spindle supports CTS, ❌ No


SYIL vs. Tormach: What is a better CNC machine?

CNC machines are computer-controlled equipment engraving and cutting various materials, from titanium to wood. Manufacturers and hobbyists alike use these machines for high precision, high efficiency and the ability to machine complex curved pieces thanks to Computer Numerical Control (CNC). 


However, finding a well-suited CNC machine isn't an easy feat. 


CNC milling machines are designed with an industrial setting in mind. Also, they are incredibly expensive, so finding one that gives good value for money, cost-effective yet high-quality results can be challenging. 


Furthermore, all CNC mills have unique features, so make sure you evaluate all the functionality and characteristics to choose one that best suits your needs. 


We suggest exploring online forums and talking to other machining enthusiasts. Everyone will tell you that your best options are Tormach vs. SYIL. That narrows down your choices considerably. Now let us help you choose between the two.


The entry base model of Tormach doesn't offer much. SYIL X7 is the best Tormach alternative, especially their primary machine, 1100MX. While SYIL looks like an expensive option, you get multiple features at an affordable rate, whereas Tormach requires you to pay extra for any added features.


Moreover, Tormach machines are extremely slow with spindle power issues. The CNC mills by Tormach aren't stout, robust and use dovetail ways, which hinders the speed and affects the result.


On the other hand, SYIL is a reliable machine with several features that give good value for money. As far as the machine's software and mechanics are concerned, it's a great fit in terms of accuracy and speed. 


The SYIL X7 machine is a customer favorite since it's designed for heavy projects. Its robust and innovative design allows it to cut through the sturdiest material. You get several standardized features, like a fast tool changer and a quick working spindle, resulting in optimal production and part surface finish for no added costs.


SYIL Vs. Tormach: Exploring the best option

If you are looking for a CNC Machine that increasingly attempts to do CNC milling and turning and does not mind cutting through the noise to make it work for your metal cutting needs, then a Tormach might be suitable.


But if performance, accuracy, cost of ownership, and a practical machining experience are vital to you, keep reading. If you are sick of wading through menus and navigating complex options that you never use, we've got news for you: so were we.


Let us be honest here: Tormach is used by many people to achieve their machining goals. But if you are a die-hard machinist and care about the experience you and your business team have every day at work, you can probably do better!


So, what does SYIL do better?

One of the most loved features of Tormach is that it is an open-source software and is reasonably flexible. 


Let us talk about SYIL, one of the best Tormach alternatives. The main difference is that SYIL is explicitly focused on doing one thing well: Accurate machining at an affordable cost.


SYIL offers higher accuracy

After laser compensation, the X-axis repeatability is at 0.001mm, and positional accuracy is at 0.002mm! Y-axis repeatability is at 0.0008mm, and positional accuracy is 0.001mm. Z-axis repeatability is 0.001mm, and position accuracy is 0.002mm. The ball bar test comes in at 6.4 μm!



SYIL has top-notch European components

SYIL X7 comes with all the quality components you need to hit the ground running. Moreover, SYIL manufacturers have direct relationships with top European parts suppliers. 

Epoxy Granite is the future for accurate CNC Machine Tools. And SCHNEEBERGER mineral casting offers the same quality frame such as DMG MORI, GF+, HERMLE, and DATRON.

The entire process is subject to rigorous quality procedures from the design phase and the actual casting process to the final finishing. This guarantees that complex machine structures and sub-assemblies with integrated guideways are produced with the specified dimensions and of the highest quality.

  • High Dimensional Precision - Micron-level accuracy and higher stability
  • Outstanding Damping Performance - approximately ten times better than cast iron
  • Pre-embedded Cooling Channels and Functional Parts


SYIL is more affordable

We have built the best small CNC machine. You get an incredible machine tool and fantastic support and compared to Tormach a more affordable price-point.


SYIL has a worldwide reach

SYIL has the best support for customer service, here is many cases from our communities:


SYIL has faster rapid speeds and tool changers

SYIL X7 is powered by modern technology, making it fast. Incredibly fast.


SYIL is not just for hobby CNC machining

Getting a Tormach up and running can be a long process. The PC-based control system is hardly suitable for an industrial CNC machining environment. But in China, the market does not have personal CNC users; it is heavy industry such as Automobile, IT, Aero Space, Defense.


SYIL is built to offer personalized convenience for big and small projects. Keep the X7 in your garage or use it to get your shop off the ground; the machine won't disappoint you.


But if you want bigger models for long-term CNC machining jobs, check out the X11 for its industrial features. Thousands of our clients have these machines running 24/7 in all kinds of businesses worldwide.



With a myriad of CNC mill options in the market today, it's challenging to make a well-informed and calculated decision.


The SYIL X7 is a class above the Tormach in capability, accuracy, and reliability. In terms of longevity, no dovetail sideways, which means your SYIL X7 will probably last as long, if not longer than you care to keep it. 


There is no need for a regrind if you use it for production—no need to worry about loss of accuracy. The machine has an auto oiler to make it work smoothly whenever you power it up.

So whether you have a small engraving job, you need to machine out small modules for prototypes, or it's the PCB board prototyping, SYIL is a powerful CNC machine in a minimal package.


Check out how our customer, Hawk Fab and Machine, used SYIL X7 for its precision CNC machining capabilities.


Be it any model, SYIL X5 vs. Tormach or SYIL X7 vs. Tormach, SYIL is a great CNC machine if:

  • You want an economical and reliable, well-built machine with business credentials
  • You want professional support and hassle-free ownership
  • You are looking to invest in a new machine that will offer a fantastic space footprint
  • You want to take advantage of the properties of the Epoxy Granite machine body
  • You realize that for nearly the exact cost as the other machine, you get a significantly more capable machine
  • You are a business that needs business-level service and performance

You might be better off with Tormach if:

  • You want modularity, to allow a small purchase price to start with and then add the extras to get you something that will be just good enough
  • Can live with having to adjust your machine periodically
  • Can live with lower precision and accuracy


You’re now armed with knowledge! Hopefully, this guide was useful to give you a general overview of Tormach compared to SYIL.

We can advise you with expert advice - get started by contacting or book a 1:1 video discovery call today!  

Still researching? Head back to the Blog page.


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