• SYIL X7 best-sellers

    SYIL X7 Small CNC Mill

    The SYIL X7 sets the next level for small CNC machines in the U.S. Our bestsellers are now available in affordable package deals.

  • SYIL X7 Price

    We offer our SYIL X7 in 3 attractive package deals. All our machines include U.S. service and support.

    Price includes import tax and ocean shipping

    SYIL X7 budget package

    Budget Package


    PC BASE/MACH3 INCLUDE 3 axis Servo

    10,000rpm spindle with the power drawbar


    SYIL X7 Economy Package - syil x7 combo

    Economy Package


    SYIL X7 Combo

    Fully enclosure include LNC5800 3 axis Servo

    10,000rpm spindle with the power drawbar

    Automatic Tool Change with 12 position BT30 Type

    with Coolant kIts

    SYIL X7 premium package

    Premium Package


    Fully enclosure include SIEMENS 808D/A 3 axis Servo

    12,000rpm spindle with the power drawbar

    Automatic Tool Change with 12 position BT30 Type

    with Coolant kIts

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    Even for our SYIL X7 promotional packages, a phone call can make a big difference! Call us to get expert advice and the best quote for you.

  • Features of the SYIL X7

    Our SYIL X7 CNC milling machines are fully capable CNC mills with many of top components and options.

    Machine body

    • Working Surface: 31.5″ x 10.23″ (800x260mm) 
    • Longitudinal Travel X: 15.55″ (395mm)
    • Cross Travel Y: 10.23″ (260mm)
    • Headstock Travel Z: 15.35″ (390mm)
    • Standard 3 axis with a high precision linear guideway (Made by Hiwin)
    • Full from the ground up Cast Iron Frame Construction

    CNC controller

    • LNC 5800 Absolution position CNC controller with 3 axis Servo package (Servo Motors and Driver Made in Japan )
    • 8.4”TFT LCD
    • Support M-ll/ RTEX/EtherCAT communication protocol
    • Supports 4th Axis

    Spindle speed

    • Spindle speed: 10,000rpm with Power Draw Bar (Made In Taiwan)

    Automatic tool changer

    • Umbrella type 12 place (Made in Taiwan)

    Enclosure and Coolant system

    • Full enclosure with top cover
    • High-pressure coolant pump


    • Spindle motor output: 2.97hp (2.2kw)
    • Drive motors: X,Y,Z Axis: 1.62hp (1.2kw)
    • Single Phase 220v or Three Phase 220v
  • See the X7 Small CNC Mill Series in Action

    A super powerful small CNC machine

    Small CNC powerhouse

    X7 with Siemens

  • Why the SYIL X7 small CNC mill is a great choice for you

    The SYIL X7 package price is all-inclusive (incl. new tariff tax and delivery at your place)

    The SYIL X7 machine is made in China, yet SYIL America offers superb local U.S. customer service

    Offers expire May 15, 2019

    Powerful Features

    Powerful Features

    Serious machining

    Great Price

    Great Price

    Unbeatable Price/Quality ratio

    U.S. Service

    U.S. Service

    Shipping, Local support & warranty

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