• Tapping Center - T Series

    Designed with advanced technology, ​SYIL's Tapping Center maximizes productivity.

  • Tapping Center: Highest precision and processing quality

    Base Price: $43,875

    What is a CNC tapping center?

    A CNC tapping center is a numerically controlled machine tool used for machining parts in various industrial fields, featuring high speed, high accuracy, and high productivity. Development of tapping centers has enabled milling and fine boring in addition to tapping, achieving high productivity, improved machining capabilities, and higher reliability. Tapping centers are perfect for precise, fast, and repeated machining processes. Tapping centers are ideal for machining parts with multiple, deep, or threaded holes. The focused drilling and tapping design maximize the efficiency and threading speed with the ability to drill into harder materials.

    SYIL is a leading manufacturer of CNC Tapping Centers or bt30 spindle machines.

    SYIL is a specialist in tapping centers with over a decade of experience. We provide full series of CNC tapping centers - the T5-series has the highest cutting tool capacity and is built for extremely intricate processing, and the T3-series has a simple structure which is designed to maximize product quality. All T-series feature dual work stations, rotary worktables, and moving column structure allows operator to effectively reduce idle time needed to change workpieces during machining. Browse the CNC tapping center page below for more specification.

    We provide full series of the best CNC tapping centers

    The pursuit of high productivity, high-precision, high-efficiency and is most suitable for precision small parts high-speed small CNC Tapping Center. - the T-series has the highest cutting tool capacity and is built for extremely intricate processing. CNC Tapping center machine SYIL T Series. The pursuit of high productivity, high-precision, high-efficiency and is most suitable for precision small parts high-speed small machines. T pursuit of non-stop endless production efficiency, to achieve high-speed processing. Feedrate most fast to achieve 48m/min.16pcs high-speed tool changer, tool change time as short as 0.8 seconds, small size, but it can very well complete the processing. the banner width of one meter to achieve space savings of the technical requirements. Siemens, Mitsubishi, Fanuc CNC system, the largest operator of convenience is the market with the most cost-effective small drilling and tapping center machine.

  • Benefits

    SYIL T Series CNC Drilling & Tapping Centers feature a small footprint. Ultra-compact High-Speed CNC Tapping Center. 12,000 to 20000 RPM BT30 spindle which can rigid tap at 6,000 RPM. if you Looking for high efficiency and affordable CNC tapping and drilling center, our T series is the best choice.

    The perfect design of space

    • In the 2.5 square meters of floor space, the factory space is effectively used. 
    • While the height control in 2068mm, so does not affect the visibility.

    Highest quality components

    • Through the important core components to control and upgrade quality.
    • Standard 3 axis with a high precision linear guide (Made in Hiwin)

    High-precision high-speed machines

    • The maximum acceleration to 1G, high rigidity of the fuselage design. 
    • The maximum speed can reach 20000rpm / min.
  • Technical Specification

    Our Tapping Centers have excellent technical specifications. All product variants come with a set of standard accessories. Optional accessories are available from stock.

    Technical Parameters


    • Working surface: 620x400mm
    • T-Slots (Number x Size x Distance): xx mm
    • Max. table load: 250kg


    • Longitudinal Travel X: 300mm
    • Cross Travel Y: 400mm
    • Headstock Travel Z: 330mm
    • Distance between spindle end and tabletop: 300mm
    • Distance between spindle center and column surface: 80mm


    • Spindle nose: BT30
    • Spindle speeds: 10,000rpm
    • Mechanism of transmission: Directly type


    • Cutting feed: 20,000mm/min
    • Rapid traverse: 480,000mm/min

    Auto Tool Changer

    • Tool holder: Gripping type
    • Tool storage capacity: 16 set
    • Max. tool diameter: mm
    • Max. tool length: mm
    • Max. tool weight: 3kg
    • Tool to Tool: 1sec


    • Spindle motor output: 3.7kw
    • Drive motors X,Y,Z Axis:1.5kw


    Machine Space & Weight

    Floor Space (Length x Width x Height):

    • 2098x1046x2068mm

    Net Weight:

    • 1950kg

    Standard Accessories

    • Siemens SINUMERIK 828(260) CNC Controller
    • High-precision linear way
    • Central automatic lubrication system
    • Tools and toolbox
    • Work lamp
    • Tri-colored lamp guard
    • Spindle water cooler
    • Airgun
    • Cooling liquid tank
    • X/Y/Z slide way extension protecting cover
    • Horizontal adjustment block and screw
    • Wire-control hand wheel
    • USB/RS232 interface
    • Rigid tapping
    • Mechanical and electrical instructions
    • SGS/CE certification

    Optional Accessories

    • FANUC CNC Controller
    • Mitsubishi CNC Controller
    • 20,000rpm spindle with oil coolant
    • Air conditioner for the electrical box
    • Automatic probe system
    • Calibrator system
    • NC rotary table
    • Full closed loop high precision linear guide (Made in Switzerland)
    • Transformer
    • Oil skimmer
  • Tapping Center with Modular Design

    Perfectly matched high-tech modules,meeting the highest demands and customized production application


    SYIL T Series

    Default standard

    • Siemens SINUMERIK 828(260) CNC controller
    • 10,000rpm BT30 spindle
    • High-quality Meehanite cast iron frame
    • High-precision linear guide

    Linear guide


    • Full closed loop high precision linear guide (Made in Switzerland)

    CNC controller


    • Other CNC controller



    • 20,000rpm spindle with oil coolant



    • NC rotary table
    • Chip conveyor with oil skimmer
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    How much does a tapping center cost? Select your desired type of tapping center and start configuring your SYIL T series. We email you your bespoke quotation for your SYIL tapping center instantly. The SYIL T comes at a base price of $43,875.

  • Application Examples

    Machining examples of SYIL tapping centers, all with a bt30 spindle. Leading companies in machining industries use SYIL's drilling tapping machines in their daily operations.


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