• Small CNC Milling Machine: Small footprint, full CNC capabilities at a sub $30K price!

    The new SYIL 7-20 Epoxy Granite edition is affordable and probably the best small CNC machine on the market in its price range.

    Introducing Composite Mineral Casting

    The new 2020 edition of our famous SYIL X7 provides you with exciting improvements. The biggest upgrade is the change from a cast iron to a composite mineral casting (epoxy granite) frame. Composite mineral casting, also known as resin concrete, is a combination of inorganic and organic materials. The main advantages of this frame and therefor of the SYIL X7-20 are listed below:

    1. High Dimensional Precision - Micron-level accuracy and higher stability
    2. Outstanding Damping Performance - approximately 10 times better than cast iron
    3. Pre-embedded Cooling Channels and Functional Parts


    Small footprint, superior performance

    The mineral casting process provides an exceptional degree of freedom with respect to the shape of the components. In our case, using epoxy granite offers us the possibility to place the X-axis motor under the table. We are thus able to reduce the width of our enclosures to 59" without compromises on table size or safety distances in the enclosure. The specific characteristics of the material and of the process result in comparatively high strength and significantly lower weight.


    The new 7 Series machines now have 5.7"x11.8"x14.9" of travel and rapids of up 60m/min with the higher-spec kinematics. The choice of controllers has also been expanded for all machines to suit every budget. For those looking for a peak performance machine, Siemens SINUMERIK 808D advance is available. Finally, for those needing true 5 axis functionality, SYIL now offers its own custom-built premium controller.

    Maximum precision

    The heat shrinkage of mineral casting is very little, and no local shrinkage, so the precision is much higher than that of traditional cast iron. Mineral castings are formed at one time without machining in many cases. The requirements of higher accuracy can be achieved by easily milling and grinding even if higher accuracy is needed. As a result, the accuracy of the machined workpiece is improved.

  • Benefits of Our Small CNC Mill

    When you opt for our small CNC milling machine, you can select from a variety of CNC controllers. Our small CNC mills come with a high precision linear guideway. Its ergonomic and small design and affordable price make the SYIL X7-20 series probably the best choice in small CNC milling machines.

    Controller choice

    • LNC6800
    • SYIL 22MA
    • Siemens Sinumerik 808D/A

    Small footprint

    Smallest footprint, high quality and efficient production.

    Vibration damping

    SYIL’s mineral casting achieves up to 10x better values of vibration damping than steel or cast iron.

    For everyone

    Cost-effective alternative for everyone from hobby use, educational start-ups to enterprises


    Dimensional stability over a range of temperatures


    Cost-effective alternative to whether the application of mass production in enterprises.

    Or teaching and education scenes, and even family personal use.

    No corrosion

    Epoxy granite is resistant against oils, coolants and other aggresive liquids.


    The environmental impact during manufacture is reduced


    Casting processing time is reduced

  • Made with the Best Components

    We have incorporated top-notch components from some of the best European and Asian partners into our new SYIL 7-20 series.

  • Small CNC Mill Models and Technical Specifications

    Your benefit in a compact space: CNC cutting at low unit costs at high processing quality and unprecedented speed. Our small CNC mills are available in several configurations. The main characteristics are the same for each 7 series and are: Our 7 Series CNC mills come with outstanding technical specifications. All product variants come with a set of standard accessories. Optional accessories are available from stock.


    Choose between:

    • LNC6800
    • SYIL 22MA
    • SIEMENS Sinumerik 808D/A


    • X-Axis 15.7" (400mm)
    • Y-Axis 11.8" (300mm)
    • Z-Axis 14.9" (380mm)


    • Spindle Power Maximum: 4HP(3.0kw) 20Nm (LNC6800), 7.3HP(5.5kw), 34.7Nm (SYIL 22MA | SIEMENS 808D/A)
    • Maximum Speed: 10,000 rpm (12,000/30,000 rpm optional)
    • Transmission: Poly-V belt | Build-in Type
    • Spindle Taper: BT-30 | HSK32
    • Thread Machining: Rigid tapping

    Maximum feed rate

    • X-Axis 15m/min (LNC6800) 30m/min (SYIL/SIEMENS)
    • Y-Axis 15m/min (LNC6800) 30m/min (SYIL/SIEMENS)
    • Z-Axis 15m/min (LNC6800) 30m/min (SYIL/SIEMENS)

    Machine Specifications

    • Table Size 27.6" x 11.8" (700mm x 300mm)
    • Table Slots (three slots) 0.55" (14mm)
    • Spindle Nose to Table Max Clearance 3.93"–18.90" (100mm-480mm)
    • Spindle Centerline to Machine Column 358mm
    • Typical System Footprint 59" x 66.1" (1500mm x 1680mm)
    • Overall System Height 77.1" (1960mm)
    • Typical System Weight 1500Kg


    • Machine Frame: Epoxy Granite
    • Linear Guideway: PMI P Class
    • Ballscrews: PMI C3 Class Grinding Type


    • Power Requirement: Single-Phase 220VA, 50/60Hz 25 Breaker (LNC6800)
    • Three-Phase 220VA, 50/60Hz 25 Breaker (SYIL 22MA | SIEMENS 808D/A)
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