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    Small CNC Mill - 7 Series

    Best compact CNC mill designed for real machining work

  • The Best Small CNC Mill: Productive, fast and compact

    The SYIL 7 series is affordable and probably one of the best small CNC milling machines on the market. Starting from $16,042.

    A new approach in small CNC milling machines (4 and 5 axis function)

    An affordable CNC milling machine designed for real machining work with the power to cut serious materials. The Small CNC Milling Machine and Vertical Machining Center for a variety of industries, Precision CNC Mills Affordable cost. A Machining Center and CNC Milling Machine of the SYIL 7 Series is among the most versatile machine tools in the compact class.All models are high-performance centers, which can be set up quickly and are easy to operate, very stable, highly dynamic and low-maintenance. Thanks to the modular structure, there are numerous configuration possibilities. This allows us to customize any 7 Series default machine to your needs to achieve a perfect individual solution for you. Your benefit in a compact space: CNC cutting at low unit costs at high processing quality and unprecedented speed.

    Best small CNC mill comes with high reliability, performance, and precision.

    Whether you need a standard 3-axis CNC Milling Machine, a Powerful Compact Vertical Machining Center, or a Small VMC for precision machining. The SYIL 7 is offering high reliability, performance, and precision.

  • Benefits

    Small CNC Milling Machine SYIL 7 have variety CNC controllers, such like PC base MACH3/4, Industry type controller SIEMENS 808D/Advance, This CNC Milling Machine Series used high precision linear guideway and with Compact design, Precision Small CNC Machining Center with Affordable cost

    SYIL CNC Controllers

    Variety of controller options

    • You can use a low-cost PC controller to reduce your budget.
    • But also through another CNC system to adapt to any application requirements.
    SYIL CNC Compact Design

    Compact, modular design

    • In the smallest footprint, the high quality and efficient production.
    • At the same time, you can upgrade the two forms of external protective sheet metal.
    • Machine bed structure can also be used high precision mineral casting parts.
    SYIL CNC Components

    Highest quality components

    • Through the important core components to control and upgrade quality.
    • Standard 3 axis with a high precision linear guide (Made in Hiwin)
    SYIL Application Examples

    Applies to any user groups

    • Cost-effective alternative to whether the application of mass production in enterprises.
    • Or teaching and education scenes, and even family personal use.
  • Technical Specification

    Our 7 Series CNC mills come with outstanding technical specifications. All product variants come with a set of standard accessories. Optional accessories are available from stock.

    Technical Parameters


    • Working Surface: 800x260mm
    • T-Slots (Number x Size x Distance): 5x12x25mm
    • Max. table load: 100kg


    • Longitudinal Travel X: 395mm
    • Cross Travel Y: 260mm
    • Headstock Travel Z: 390mm
    • Distance between spindle end and tabletop: 300mm
    • Distance between spindle center and column surface: 280mm


    • Spindle nose: BT30/NT30/R8
    • Spindle speed: 10,000rpm
    • Mechanism of transmission: Belt Type


    • Cutting feed: 1000mm/min (Stepper) 2000mm/min(Servo)
    • Rapid traverse: 5000mm/min( Stepper) 10000mm/min(Servo)

    Auto Tool Changer

    • Tool holder: Armless type
    • Tool storage capacity: 12 place
    • Max. tool diameter: 16mm
    • Max. tool length: 100mm
    • Max. tool weight: 2kg
    • Tool to Tool: 10sec


    • Spindle motor output: 2.2kw
    • Drive motors: X,Y,Z Axis: 1.2kw

    Machine Space & Weight


    Floor space (Length x Width x Height):

    • 1350x1250x2100mm (X7)
    • 1760x1720x2200mm (Combo)
    • 1760x1600x2200 (S/V)

    Net weight:

    • 900kg (X7)
    • 1250kg (Combo)
    • 1350kg (S/V)

    Standard Accessories

    • PC Controller by MACH3/4 or EMC
    • High-precision linear way
    • Central automatic lubrication system
    • Tools and toolbox
    • Full enclosure (Accord model)
    • Work lamp
    • Tri-colored lamp guard
    • Spindle water cooler
    • Airgun (Combo/SV)
    • Cooling liquid tank
    • X/Y/Z slide way extension protecting cover
    • Horizontal adjustment block and screw
    • Wire-control hand wheel
    • USB/RS232 interface (Accord controller)
    • Rigid tapping (Accord controller)
    • Mechanical and electrical instructions
    • SGS/CE certification

    Optional Accessories

    • Siemens or other industry type CNC controller
    • 24,000rpm spindle
    • 30,000rpm spindle (Made in Germany)
    • Air conditioner for the electrical box
    • Automatic probe system
    • Calibrator system
    • NC rotary table
    • Full closed loop high-precision linear guide (Made in Switzerland)
    • High-precision mineral casting (Made in Switzerland)
    • Transformer
    • Oil skimmer
  • Modular Design

    Perfectly matched high-tech modules,meeting the highest demands and customized production application



    Default standard

    • PC Controller by MACH3/4 or EMC 
    • Stepper motors for 3 axis
    • 5,000rpm NT30 or R8 spindle
    • High-quality Meehanite cast iron frame
    • high-precision linear guide

    Casting ingredients and linear guide


    • Full closed loop high precision linear guide (Made in Switzerland)
    • High-precision mineral casting (Made in Switzerland)

    Protection enclosure


    • Combo fully protected enclosure
    • S/V full protective enclosure

    CNC controller


    • Siemens controller
    • Other controller

    Spindle and Axis servo package


    • 30,000rpm spindle (Made in Germany)
    • Yaskawa servo motors and driver (Made in Japan)

    Automatic tool changer and accessories


    • Pneumatic tool changer
    • Automatic tool changer with 12pcs set
    • NC rotary table
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  • Application Examples

    Examples of industrial applications of SYIL's 7 Series, the best in small CNC mills, around the world

    Ledetech SYIL Customer


    Job Specification:

    Project: Cell Phone mounts
    Processes Involved: CNC machining
    Material: Aluminum

    Project Details:

    Ledetech corporation is specializes in the development of ergonomic tablet, phone and LCD/monitor mounts.

    Novare SYIL Customer


    Job Specification:

    Project: Wiper System-Gear housing
    Processes Involved: CNC machining
    Material: Zamak 2-5


    Project Details:

    NOVARE is specialized in supply manufacturing services for our automotive customers, as well as part tooling support, customer support services.

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