• Mini CNC Mills - SYIL 5 Series

    Mini CNC Mill - 5 Series

    Mini CNC mill to use in R&D, small part production, prototyping, educational institution or home use. ​It’s time to discover the SYIL 5 Series!

  • Mini CNC Machine: perfect for business, educational or personal use.

    Starting from: $9,699

    Personal CNC machines that fit your needs

    The X5 series models offer your choice of our high-speed 8-24000 rpm Speed Master Series or the R8 5000 rpm spindle are perfect for your home or business. The X5 series all include high precision Linear Guides on X,Y&Z axis's that are proven to give you long lasting repeatability and accuracy and sets this machine apart from any competitor world wide in this price range. The X5 is used by many companies including Aerospace engineering firms, Aircraft manufactures, Universities and High Schools all over America and Canada.


    This Compact Machining Center are amongst the most versatile compact class machines in the in the world today. All SYIL 5 Series models are high-performance machining centers that can be set up quickly, are easy to operate, very stable, highly dynamic, and very low-maintenance. The modular structure creates numerous configuration possibilities, allowing for any 5 Series basic machine to be customized for each customer’s unique needs, helping them to achieve the perfect individual solution. The top benefits of this series are its compact space requirements, the ability to achieve CNC cutting at low unit costs, high processing quality, and high speed. These machines are perfect for education at schools and training institutions, and they can even be easily moved between rooms.

    Key features of SYIL 5 series

    • Reliable high productivity
    • High accuracy and repeatability
    • Hiwin Linear Guides
    • Minimum floor space
    • Easy to operate
    • High stability and rigidity
    • Easy maintenance
    • Rigid Tapping when paired with an industrial controller
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  • Benefits

    Much like the PC-based MACH3/4 or the industry-type controller SIEMENS 808D/Advanced or the LNC 5800, these mini CNC mills use high-precision linear guides made by Hiwin. With a compact design, these machines can be used as benchtop milling machines, or with caster wheels on the bottom of the Combo enclosure for easy transportation great for teaching and education. They are perfect for business or home use.

    Variety of controller options

    Variety of controller options

    • Siemens 808D Advanced Controller
    • LNC 5800 Controller
    • PC based controller to fit your budget
    mini cnc mills

    Compact, modular design

    • With this Compact footprint this will maximize your productivity per square foot
    • All machines are 4th axis ready
    Highest quality components

    Highest quality components

    • The X5 has the highest quality components, from the rigid castings to the industrial grade components to the meticulous assembly and testing
    • The series also is a standard 3-axis with a high-precision linear guide (made at Hiwin).
    Personal CNC Machines

    Applies to any user

    • Cost-effective alternative for the application of mass production 
    • Great for academic training facilities 
    • Valuable for home use
  • Technical Specifications

    Our 5 Series mini CNC mills have excellent technical specifications. All our personal CNC machines variants come with a set of standard accessories, and optional accessories are available from stock.

    Technical Parameters


    • Working surface: 20.4″ x 6.3″ (520x160mm)
    • T-Slots (Number x Size x Distance):3 slots  0.11811" x  0.984" x 0.905"  3/8 T-Nuts  (3x25x23mm)
    • Max. table load: 110lbs (50kg)


    • Longitudinal Travel X: 10.83" (275mm)
    • Cross Travel Y: 6.1" (155mm)
    • Headstock Travel Z: 9.05" (230mm)
    • Distance between spindle end and table top: 8.46" (215mm)
    • Distance between spindle center and column surface: 7.87" (200mm)


    • Spindle nose: BT30/NT30/R8
    • Spindle speeds: 5,000rpm
    • Mechanism of transmission: Belt Type


    • Cutting feed: Stepper: 39.37"/min (1,000mm) Servo: 78.74"/min   (2,000mm)
    • Rapid traverse: Stepper: 118.11"/min ( 3,000mm) Servo: 254.00"/min  (10,000mm)

    Auto Tool Changer

    • Tool holder: Umbrella type
    • Tool storage capacity: 8 set
    • Max. tool diameter: 5/8" (16mm)
    • Max. tool length:  3.98" (100mm)
    • Max. tool weight: 4.4lbs (2kg)
    • Tool to Tool: 10sec


    • Spindle motor output: 1.48hp (1.1kw)
    • Axis Drive motors X,Y,Z : 1hp (0.75kw)

    Machine Space & Weight


    Floor space (Length x Width x Height):

    • X5: 30.32" x 29.92" x 43.31" (770x760x1100mm) 
    • Combo: 47.24" x  51.18" x 74.80" (1200x1300x1900mm) 
    • S/V: 56.30" x 47.24" x 74.80" (1430x1200x1900)

    Net weight:

    • X5: 661.39lbs (300kg) 
    • Combo 13251lbs (601kg) 
    • S/V 1764lbs (800kg)

    Standard Accessories

    • PC Controller by MACH3/4 
    • High-precision linear way
    • Central automatic lubrication system
    • Tools and toolbox
    • Full enclosure (According to model)
    • Work lamp
    • Tri-colored status lamp 
    • Spindle water cooler with 24K spindle
    • Airgun with enclosure
    • Flood coolant with enclosure
    • Way covers
    • Handheld pendant
    • USB/RS232 interface (industrial controller)
    • Rigid tapping (industrial controller)
    • Mechanical and electrical instructions
    • SGS/CE certification

    Optional Accessories

    • Siemens or LNC 5800 CNC controller
    • 8000-24,000rpm spindle
    • 30,000rpm spindle (Made in Germany)
    • Air conditioner for the electrical box
    • Automatic probe system
    • Calibrator system
    • NC rotary table
    • Transformer
    • Oil skimmer
    • Stands (According model)
    • ATC umbrella type
  • SYIL 5 Series Machine Configurations

    A SYIL 5 mini CNC machine is the best way to enter the realm of high-speed, high precision machining with a great performance to cost ratio for the home or small workshop demands. You can configure the SYIL 5 to your own needs. Below some examples of possible machine configurations.

  • Catalog Download

    Are you looking for a mini milling machine? The SYIL 5 Personal CNC Machine is an excellent choice! Please download the catalog and read the specifications of our mini mills.

    personal CNC mill catalog

    SYIL 5 - Personal CNC Mill Catalog

    • A Machining Center and CNC Milling Machine of the SYIL 5 Series is among the most versatile machine tools in the compact class
    • This allows us to customize any 5 Series basic machine to your needs to achieve a perfect individual solution for you.
    personal CNC mill manual

    SYIL 5 - Personal CNC Mill Manual

    • A Machining Center and CNC Milling Machine of the SYIL 5 Series is among the most versatile machine tools in the compact class
    • Please download the manual documents and read the specifications
  • Modular Design

    The 5 Series has perfectly matched high-tech modules, meeting the highest demands and customized production application.



    Default standard

    • PC Controller by MACH3/4 or EMC
    • 3-axis stepper motors
    • 5,000rpm NT30 or R8 spindle
    • High-quality Meehanite cast iron frame
    • High-precision linear guide

    Rigid castings and linear guides


    • Full closed-loop high-precision linear guide (made in Switzerland)
    • High-precision mineral casting (made in Switzerland)

    Protection enclosure


    • Combo fully protective enclosure with a mobile device
    • S/V fully protective enclosure with a casting base

    CNC controller


    • Siemens controller
    • Other controller

    Spindle and Axis servo package


    • 24,000rpm spindle
    • 30,000rpm spindle (made in Germany)
    • Yaskawa servo motors and driver (made in Japan)

    Automatic tool changer and accessories


    • Pneumatic tool changer
    • Automatic tool changer with 8-piece set
    • NC rotary table
  • Application Examples

    Examples of industrial applications of SYIL’s 5 Series—the personal CNC machine

    mini cnc mill from SYIL


    Job Specification:

    Project: Car Door Hinge
    Processes Involved: CNC machining
    Material: Iron


    Project Details:

    GLVCK Machinery Manufacturing Limited, one of the machinery manufacturers of automobile parts for VW, Mercedes, and SKODA.

    Benchtop cnc mills in action

    NIDEC Corporation

    Job Specification:

    Project: Computer Hard disk
    Processes Involved: CNC machining
    Material: Aluminum


    Client Details:

    NIDEC Corporation is one of Asia’s largest providers of computer hard disk devices including hard disks, cases, and inside motors.

    SYIL machine in action at Volkswagen factory


    Job Specification:

    Project: Car Door Hinge
    Processes Involved: CNC machining
    Material: Iron


    Project Details:

    Volkswagen Group sells passenger cars under many famous brands around the world. SYIL is working with them at a Shanghai sub-branch to manufacture auto parts such as door hinges, steering wheels, suspension parts etc.

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