• SYIL at EASTEC 2019

    Stop by to say hello and learn why SYIL's machines are the best bang for your buck

  • Meet us at Booth #1808

    Stop by both # 1808 and say hello to Jeff , Paul or Xushuo.

    We have our X5 and X7 CNC Mills on display.


    SYIL X5 Mini CNC Mill

    The SYIL X5 CNC milling machines set the new standard for hobby CNC machining in the U.S.


    SYIL X7 Small CNC Mill

    The X7 set the next level for small CNC machines in the U.S.

  • Since 2006

    Syil America specializes in an affordable price range featuring robust, highly accurate CNC machines in the USA since 2006. We have machines to fit all your needs and budget from our smaller bench top model X5 all the way to the mighty V1580! with 4 and 5 axis rotary tables and multiple options.

    American sales and support.

    SYIL machines are proudly made in China. And we're excited to give you our local sales and support nation-wide. Our machines are popular with multiple companies all around the USA as many companies use our X5 or X7 series machines for R&D or making smaller parts to free up your larger parts machining needs. Not to mention all of the educational institutes that purchase ​our products.

  • Talk with us at Eastec

    Schedule your appointment with us to get our undivided attention. We are offering you a machine demo and plenty of time to talk.

  • Free Tickets

    Book your meeting with us. We'll get you your tickets so you'll save you $50! 

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