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CNC Machine Setup: the SYIL X5 Combo

Setup your new CNC milling machine: Step by Step

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CNC machine setup

Now you have your new SYIL X5 Combo machine. It's delivered, and in your shop. What do you do now? Your preparation for your mill should actually start before you have even received it. Make sure you have the exact measurements of the SYIL X5 Combo, and cleared all the space needed for it to have a home. Also arrange all of the pre-wiring. Now, for all the next steps needed to setup the machine, we are glad to share with you a really great guide which has been written by one of our customers in the U.S.

Written by a real SYIL CNC user

The purpose of his document is to provide the novice assistance in receiving and initially setting up the SYIL X5 Combo milling machine. We like the document so much because it is really intended for new users to the fun world of machining. So please download it and enjoy the setup of your SYIL X5 step by step.


We strongly recommend a certified electrician for all electrical connections

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