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Buying a CNC Mill: SYIL vs Tormach

Feature comparison: SYIL X7 vs Tormach 1100M

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Buying a CNC machine can be a tough decision. This post focuses on deciding which machine is best for you: SYIL versus Tormach. An in-depth look at the features of each machine. 


  • SYIL: Linear guides; Highly repeatable, no stick-slip    
  • Tormach: Dovetail ways; Not very repeatable, Suffers from stick-slip


  • SYIL: BT30 3hp standard, 5hp optional, 5000, 10,000, 12,000, 24,000 30,000 rpm choices
  • Tormach: TTS 2hp 7500 rpm


  • SYIL: Servos with absolute encoders 
  • Tormach: Steppers


  • SYIL: No assembly required comes assembled. Ready to work             
  • Tormach: Hours of heavy assembly required


  • SYIL: 12 place umbrella, 16 place 2 arm optional, With an amazing 1.09 seconds tool to tool    
  • Tormach: 10 place

Machine style

  • SYIL: Cast iron from the ground up just like a full sized VMC
  • Tormach: Benchtop with optional stand

Rigid tapping

  • SYIL: Yes
  • Tormach: No

System weight

  • SYIL: 2750 lbs more cast iron means more rigidity and vibration damping
  • Tormach: 1600 lbs

Controller options

  • SYIL: Mach 3, LNC 5800, LNC 5800 touch screen, Siemens 808d advanced, Siemens 828
  • Tormach: PC based path pilot 

Additional axis options

  • SYIL: 4th axis gear drive, 4th axis DDR, 5th axis gear drive, 5th axis DDR
  • Tormach: 4th axis gear drive

Our judgment call

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