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    The SYIL X5 Hobby CNC Mill and the SYIL X7-20 Small CNC Mill are our bestsellers. Great news, they are now available in package deals!

  • Why SYIL Is a Great Choice for You

    The SYIL X5 and X7 package price is all-inclusive (incl. new tariff tax and ocean freight)

    Each SYIL X5 and X7 machine is made in China, yet SYIL America offers superb local U.S. customer service​

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  • Features of the SYIL X7-20

    Our SYIL X7-20 CNC milling machines are fully capable CNC mills with many of top components and options.


    • X-Axis 15.7"(400mm)
    • Y-Axis 11.8"(300mm)
    • Z-Axis 14.9"(380mm)


    • Spindle Power Maximum: 4HP(3.0kw) 20Nm
    • Maximum Speed: 10000RPM
    • Transmission: Poly-V belt
    • Spindle Taper: BT-30
    • Thread Machining: Rigid tapping

    Feed rate

    • X-Axis 15m/min
    • Y-Axis 15m/min
    • Z-Axis 15m/min

    Machine specifications

    • Table Size 700mm x 300mm
    • Table Slots 14mm (three slots)
    • Spindle Nose to Table Max Clearance 100mm-480mm
    • Spindle Centerline to Machine Column 358mm
    • Typical System Footprint (1500mm x 1680mm)
    • Overall System Height (1960mm)
    • Typical System Weight 1500Kg


    • Machine Frame: Epoxy Granite
    • Linear Guideway: PMI P Class
    • Ballscrews: PMI C3 Class Grinding Type


    • Power Requirement: Single-Phase 220VA, 50/60Hz 25 Breaker
  • Features of the SYIL X5

    Our SYIL X5 CNC milling machines are fully capable hobby CNC mills with many of the same components and options from our SYIL X7 Series – but with smaller footprints.


    • Longitudinal Travel X: 10.83" (275mm)
    • Cross Travel Y: 6.1" (155mm)
    • Headstock Travel Z: 9.05" (230mm)
    • Distance between spindle end and table top: 8.46" (215mm)
    • Distance between spindle center and column surface: 7.87" (200mm)


    • 5,000 rpm Spindle
    • 10,000 rpm Spindle


    • Working surface: 20.4″ x 6.3″ (520x160mm)
    • T-Slots (Number x Size x Distance):3 slots 0.11811" x 0.984" x 0.905" 3/8 T-Nuts (3x25x23mm)
    • Max. table load: 110lbs (50kg)


    • Spindle motor output: 1.48hp (1.1kw)
    • Axis Drive motors X,Y,Z : 1hp (0.75kw)

    Machine Space & Weight

    Floor space (Length x Width x Height):

    • X5: 30.32" x 29.92" x 43.31" (770x760x1100mm)
    • Combo: 47.24" x 51.18" x 74.80" (1200x1300x1900mm)
    • S/V: 56.30" x 47.24" x 74.80" (1430x1200x1900)

    Net weight:

    • X5: 661.39lbs (300kg)
    • Combo 13251lbs (601kg)
    • S/V 1764lbs (800kg)


    • Media Display M-Code; M130
    • Remote monitoring
    • Early Power-Failure Detection Module
    • Ethernet Interface
    • Standard Program Memory, 1 GB
  • On-site Machine Installation

    Machine installation at your shop, company or educational institute by a SYIL professional.


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    SYIL X5 Price

    The SYIL X5 hobby CNC milling machine sets the new standard for home CNC machining in the U.S. Our bestsellers are now available in package deals. We offer our SYIL X5 hobby CNC mill in 3 attractive package deals, which all are perfect for home CNC machining.

    The SYIL X5 is probably best hobby milling machine on the market today.

    Price includes import tax and ocean shipping

    SYIL X7-20 Price

    The new SYIL X7-20 sets the next level for small CNC machines in the U.S. Our bestsellers are now available in affordable package deals. We offer our SYIL X7-20 in 3 attractive package deals. All our machines include U.S. service and support.

    Price includes import tax and ocean shipping

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